Mission Statement

In the dictionary the word revolution is defined as such: 1. an overthrow and a thorough replacement of an established government or a political system by the people governed.  2. a sudden, complete or marked change in something.  3. a procedure or course, as if in a circuit, back to a starting point.  4. a moving in a circular or curving course, as about a central point.  All the definitions revolve around one thing and that is Jesus Christ!  Revolution Church was established on the principle that we are not going to confirm to the standards that this world has set upon the people to consider normal.  The influence and hold that the enemy has had on the people and youth of today is going to be broken by the love and worship of Jesus Christ.  Revolution church will stand for the over throwing of today’s worldly ideologies, customs and strong grip of the enemy on the people and thoroughly replace it with Christ centered thinking and a new church revolved around worship and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.  This change will be a sudden and unstoppable one!  We are the chosen generation to usher in the coming of the Lord and nothing will stop us from proclaiming freedom and love in Jesus name across the land!  Revolution church is about making a complete revolution back to our starting point!  Throughout the years the reason for our existence and salvation has been lost and replaced with acts and organized religion.  True worship in spirit and in truth has been long lost from the church.  The holy spirit is moving people and churches to bring them back to worship!  The key between our relationship and intimacy with God is worship.  The bible declares the Jesus abides in the praises of his people!  It is time to go back to a praise and worship centered atmosphere at church.  Above all else our movement, influence and ministry will pivot on one central focal point, our church will revolve around one thing; Jesus Christ!  For too many years the church has been quite!  For too many years churches have settled for religion and man made rules to feel like they are doing something for God.  It’s time that we embrace the free love and grace the God offered us and just begin to accept who we are in Christ and just how much he truly loves us just for loving and worshiping him and loving others!  Revolution church is a place where you can come as you are and feel loved and accepted simply for being you!  God loves you for who you are and accepts you for who you are.  All he asks is that we Love and worship him!  This is a place were you can come together with people from all nations and join together in worship and praise and be filled with the spirit of God, the spirit of love and understanding!  Not only for ourselves but so that our lights may shine bright across the land and bring change and revolution to the darkness that covers the world today!  Join our church and partner up with us in starting a revolution for God!


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